In a society where every word that's spoken is subject to surveillance, Jeremy is one of the best Listeners in the business, even if his dedication to his work leads him to a life of solitude. But just as he's earmarked for promotion, a beguiling and mysterious woman joins his team, and he'll have to choose between his loyalty to the Directorate, and the possibility of forging a connection with someone.
Directed by: Michael Gilhooly 
Produced by: Sam Swann 
Stars: Amit Shah,  Joanna Horton, Guy Henry, Dame Harriet Walter

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Boxer on The Wilderness

It's 1919. A boxer and his opponent fight in the ring and we see and feel the physical and emotional pain of the young man returned from WW1 who must win at all costs.

Directed by: Alexandra Boyd


Sophie epitomizes the glamour and chic of today’s Britain and presents a flawless image of herself on a blind date with Tony.
She has left nothing to chance, from the tip of her tinted hair to the toe of her designer shoes. And, like most women, she has used a vast array of make-up and aides to boost her confidence. Make-up, aides, and killer heels boost a young widow's confidence on a blind date, but she didn't bargain on him returning.

Directed by: Carolina Giametta

Produced by: Carol Younghusband, Georgina French

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Are You Albert? is a short, black comedy and the first to be written and directed by Dan Hodgson.
Gary and Claire are a young couple whose relationship is in its death throes. On their way to a wedding reception they visit Claire's elderly grandma, who suffers with dementia. An incident during the trip is the final nail in the coffin of their relationship.


Made for MoFilm/Playstation 2013
Written & Directed by Anna Valdez-Hanks and Anna Blandford
Produced by Ikonic Films and Fallen Films
Starring Ben Margalith
With Tzvet Lazar, Stefano Elfi DiClaudia, Marianne Chase & Beau Barbour.
Make-up by Sammy Leigh
Costumes by Gabriella Kovago
Production Design by Isla Borrell, Laura Philimore & Rich Felgate
VFX by James Gibson with consultation by Paul Amiras
Camera & Lighting team: Ivor Churchill, Fabrizio Accettulli, Carolina Schmidtholstein, Anca Badita

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A vigilante born through supernatural means decides to take revenge on a violent group of Internet serial killers.


Written and directed by Filmmaker, Ogo Okpue. CATFACE is Ogo’s third micro-budget short film. An African European film due to the hybrid of cultures inherent in the narrative, CATFACE is a 19 minutes dark supernatural thriller with a mix of the classic revenge genre and African mysticism. Some describe it as Dexter meets American Horror story.


A sci-fi film set in a totalitarian London 2037, where the government uses technology against the population for surveillance and control.

Directed by: Luce Armstrong

Produced by: Johnny Sachon

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After an experiment gone wrong by the government, contamination has begun and all oxygen levels will terminate at 1am. A group of friends seek shelter in a local pub and have one last drink, but not all goes to plan.

Directed by: Bashford Twins

Produced by: Johnny Sachon & Matt Hookings


In an abandoned Warehouse, retired Detective Wyler waits to catch infamous gangster Mr. Mars. Unbeknown to Mars, Wyler is seeking revenge for the death of his daughter.

Directed by: Dom Lenoir

Photograph: Patric Salo

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In 1940's Chicago a mobster must stop his associates from finding out a secret that would shock them.

Directed By: Rob Marni

Writer: Rob Marni

Stars: Rob Marni,  Rebecca Grant,  Jason Wing

Designed  by Gabriella Kovago​



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