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Kidnap me

Feature Film

Comedy | Crime

Ben and Charlie are stuck in a rut: He likes the quiet life and she'll do anything to close a deal. Their efforts to stay together take them from swingers parties to dogging parks but not even spanking will do the trick. So what do they do? Ben has one last roll of the dice, and he books a luxury kidnap experience for Charlie's birthday. Picked up, trussed up and taken hostage as planned, the two settle in for a night of latex, spandex and Durex. But who are these amateurs in balaclavas? What's that smell? And why the hell won't they get with the spanking

Year: 2017

Director: Ross Aitken, James Browning

Starring: Genna Folden, Daniel Crushen, Ray Whelan,Ross F. Sutherland 

Producers: Michael Flack

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